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AC Induction /speed control Motor

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  • Size90 * 90 * 294 mm
  • Weight6 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T,Others
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For solving increasing temperature, absent torque, high vibration, loud noise; or usage in occasion for weak strength of gear, low precision, oil-spill problem.



1.Good dissipate heat effect 


3.3Upgrade structure to double intensity

4.Maximum permissible torque of Gearhead is up to 40Nm 



1.AC Induction Motor: Continuing rotate at one direction, Stop motion continuously, About 30~40 over rotation as stopping

2.AC Reversible Motor: frequent rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, instantaneous start or stop, stop motion every 30 minute, about 4~6 over rotation as stopping

3.Speed Control Motor: Speed control range: 90-1700r/min(60Hz)/90-1400r/min(50Hz). About 0.5~1 over rotation as stopping, Easily Control speed, instantaneous brake stop, Slow start or stop, Electro-gear ratio setting on panel.

4.Electromagnetic Brake Motor: During power outage, there is still torque maintenance. Brake frequency is below 50 times in a minute. About 2~3 over rotation as stopping.

5.Torque Motor: For tension controlling, stop-motion for continuous/5 minutes, drooping characteristics, often use in Feeding and discharging occasion